Thank you for your interest in the Kusum Institute and Yoga Studios!

The Kusum Institute and Yoga Studios is a network of three yoga studio locations and an integrative learning institute located in Southern Maine. Our new yoga studio locations in Scarborough and Portland, our meditation and spiritual exploration space (the Kusum Room) in Saco and our integrative learning institute (the Kusum Institute) in Scarborough are all an expansion of our original yoga studio and workshop space in Saco ME. To learn more about who we are, visit us at We are looking forward to bring more of what we’ve been offering to other communities!

Please leave us your name and email address so we can let you know about our class schedule and upcoming workshops.

Our Yoga Studios offer authentic yoga classes for all ages, physical abilities and experience levels and are taught by highly trained instructors who have their own active and solid practices. These classes are designed as an intentional form of physical therapy as well as a deep form of mental relaxation to promote more ease of body, mind and spirit… more ease in your daily life.

Our Institute offers a unique vantage point connecting teachings from the fields of science, medicine, psychology, ancient texts, yoga and energy. We offer explorations through our popular Lifestyle Immersion programs, classroom settings, workshops, physical yoga classes that  teach methods you can carry into your daily life, meditations and energy work sessions all provided by a faculty of experts collaborating from a variety of fields ranging from research science to wellness to yoga to healing. This knowledge combined with first hand experiences through yoga and meditation creates deep and lasting shifts in the way we see the world. Whole health from the inside out and simple yet powerful techniques that create shifts in our perspectives. Continuing Education for yoga teachers is  available in all these topic areas

We look forward to opening in September! More information, class and workshop schedules, links to purchase  passes and full website coming soon.

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